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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News Early Edition  CBS  February 16, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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tracking the storm. it is a mess out there, my friend. >> yes, it is it has been whipping around, around the bay area overnight. we had some gusts up to 60 miles per hour across some of our mountaintops. now we're starting to see the back side of this cold front. you can see that rainfall line on the back side, though, and yes, it's still coming down pretty good in parts of the bay area. we have had some reports of rainfall amounts in the north bay up to 3." looks like we are getting on the back side. you have good rain in through concord, pleasanton, walnut creek, heavier rain just to the north and it continues to roll on by. be extra careful because of ponding on the roads because of heavy rainfall overnight and you have gusty winds. we are not done with the rain yet. even though we are on the back side of the cold front, you have speckled cloud out here, very unstable air that will slide into the bay area keeping things going on and off with showers throughout the day today even the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. so it's going to be cool,
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occasionally wet, more gusty winds a real possibility around the bay area and, yeah, things going to stay unsettled toward the afternoon with more showers. you have a high surf advisory at the coast, big-time waves moving out at the beaches about 14 to 17 feet. time for a traffic check with elizabeth. >> let's go live to san francisco. a mess right now near the 101/280 interchange. the connector ramp from northbound 101 to northbound 280 remains shut down this morning. it's due to an earlier injury accident. it is wet and windy out there. we have wind advisories for most of the bay area bridges this morning. so if you are coming into san francisco that ramp to northbound 280 is shut down coming up 101 so you have to use 101 this morning heading into downtown san francisco. let's go to some other pictures or maps again. this is an emergency closure in oakland we're also
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following. this is the connector ramp from westbound 80 to southbound 880. i know we have a reporter heading to the scene of that, report of flooding in that area. we have 12 or more incidents reported on the chp reports. a lot of things going on this morning. so really take it extra slow. use mass transit. everything is running on time. the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see the flooding tends to puddle in the middle lanes. right now we have e lanes. wind advisories for pretty much every bridge across the bay area. the bay bridge, the golden gate bridge, included. the benicia bridge, the carquinez bridge and the richmond/san rafael bridge. light traffic so far this morning. and again, mass transit is all on time. your best option this morning. all right. if you are planning a trip out of town heading up to the sierra, of course there are chain requirements for the sierra as well on interstate 80, highways 50 and 88. back to you. >> thank you. the powerful wind gusts
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have been wreaking havoc on trees across the bay. crews had their hands full cleaning up this downed tree in sonoma county yesterday. this is at the interchange of highways 12 and 101 in santa rosa. and this tree came crashing down in berkeley yesterday. work crews were quick to get the tree chopped up so traffic could get going smoothly once again. and the biggest power outages in the bay area right now along the san mateo county coast. about 3600 people in the moss beach area all in the dark this morning. there are outages in the east bay too. 790 up in the oakland hills, 500 in lafayette in the east bay and if you are headed to work, keep on top of the storm. go to our website. we have realtime doppler radar on the weather page. go to check it out. in other news, berkeley city council falling short of the votes needed to inadvice some guantanomo bay detainees
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to move in. four councilmembers voting for the measure to welcome freed prisoners. but it needed five votes to pass. the vote came after many people gave the council their opinions. >> it seems premature and just to get attention from the media. we got lots of other problems to worry about. >> the united states is asking other countries to take these men assuring them their they are safe, not dangerous, not terrorists, won't harm anyone in those communities. >> berkeley city manager recommended any action against -- against any action because federal law bans the transfer of guantanomo detainees to the united states. the berkeley city council also considering a measure concerning the army private accused of leaking classified documents to wikileaks. it voted to call for the humane treatment of bradley manning. the council did not go as far as declaring manning a hero. time now 4:36. a concord woman is now going public about why she hit a 15- year-old girl who had been
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reported missing by her parents. stephanie cudd of pacheco was reported missing just after thanksgiving. her boyfriend's mother eva nichols was among those consoling girl's parents and helping with the search efforts. the girl's father hired a private detective who eventually tracked the girl down at nichols' home. nichols said the girl accused her father of abuse and neglect. >> it seems absurd. >> i did yell at stewart and stephanie. they cut school for a week. >> i believe that she was in danger. i believe that i was protecting her at the time? >> the teen was returned to her family. nichols hasn't been arrested but she could face charges including providing false information. a judge set to start a hearing evidence today on whether the city of oakland can restrict the activities of 40 suspected gang members. the city wants injunction in an
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effort to reduce crime in the fruitvale district. the restrictions would establish a safety zone in which those 40 people would have to follow certain rules. the rules include curfews and controls on clothing and gatherings. critics contend it's racial profiling. the judge could allow a preliminary injunction until the issue is decided by a full trial which is expected to begin sometime in december. 4:37. san jose city officials warning of potentially massive layoffs. the "san jose mercury news" reporting the city may have to get rid of 349 police officers and 145 firefighters and that would be the worst-case scenario. about a quarter of the city's public safety employees could also be cut. san jose has a projected deficit of $110 million. a final decision probably won't be made, though, until june. muni could face a billion- dollar deficit if the transit agency doesn't make a few changes. that's according to financial experts. yesterday, a panel told the
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agency's board of directors they must slash $30 million in spending and generate $50 million in revenue and if they don't, muni will see a $1.6 billion deficit over the next 20 years. to keep that from happening, financial experts suggested five ways for the agency to make money, including a vehicle mitigation impact fee, a fee for homes and businesses based on the idea that the transit is similar to a utility, a parcel tax dedicated to transportation, off-street commercial parking fees, and the city transportation sales tax. 4:38 now. caltrain passengers have another chance this evening to speak out on planned service cuts. transit system is battling a big budget deficit. among the cost consulting proposals, reducing or eliminating service during noncommute hours and closing several stations including all that are south of downtown san jose. this evening's meeting is at the 16 muni offices. there are two remaining office,
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both in gilroy and san carlos. the vta is now accepting clipper for bus and light rail trims. they are already in use in other local transit agencies including caltrain and bart. clipper cards allow passengers to prepay with the fare for each ride deducted from those cards. the vta is phasing in the program with monthly passes available march 1. it is 4:39. cbs news reporter lara logan is in the hospital recovering after a mob of egyptians assaulted her. this photo was taken in cairo's tahrir square on friday just moments before the attack. logan was reporting on president hosni mubarak's resignation when she became separated from her crew. cbs news says a mob of some 200 people surrounded her and logan suffered, quote, a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating. last year, logan talked with
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cnn about the dangers of reporting in war zones. >> i say this is my responsibility. if you are going to send soldiers to war in other people's lands, you have a responsibility for the people of this country and for the people around the world. >> cbs says logan was saved by a group 6 egyptian women and soldiers. logan is back in the u.s. and is expected to be released from the hospital soon. time now is 4:40. they are supposed to give you a reality check when it comes to fast food but the calorie labels may not be working as planned. >> so that's what it is, huh? plus, could your child's teacher be out of a job? the warning about significant layoffs in one east bay school district. >> and updating your status could soon get a whole lot easier. the technology letting you access facebook on the go without a smart phone. tell you about that and much more coming up. ,,
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gusty winds, heavy vein, heavy rain, more on that coming up. if you are flying the friendly skies of united today, be sure to check to see if your flight is still on time. that's because the airline has temporarily grounded its fleet of boeing 757s because maintenance checks weren't completed. those maintenance checks take about 60 to 90 minutes to complete. yesterday nearly 100 planes were stopped nationwide. an faa spokesman said united's move was voluntary. but it will create a big discomfort for you. >> if you are flying, absolutely. 4:43 now on your wednesday. a significant number of oakland schoolteachers could be getting laid off within the next month. the oakland tribune reports the superintendent posted a letter with that warning on the district website. he said all principals and other managers warned they might be in new positions next fall. the deadline to warn teachers about possible layoffs is march 15. the mount diablo unified
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school district is considering closing another school to safe more than a million dollars. last night the board weighed the pros and the cons of shutting down westwood elementary school or silverwood elementary school in concord. last week, trustees agreed to close two other schools in the area. glenbrook and the holbrook elementary schools. the board is expected to vote on closing another school next tuesday. new this morning, borders has just filed for bankruptcy. the book chain planning to close about 200 stores over the next few weeks. with the rest of today's business news here's ashley morrison. reporter: asian markets were helped by a weaker yen. japan's nikkei add add .5% while hong kong's hang seng climbed more than 1%. today wall street gets the latest on inflation and housing. on tuesday disappointing retail numbers pushed stocks lower. the dow was down 41, the nasdaq gave back nearly 13. americans continued giving their household finances in
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order last month. credit card companies posted the lowest rate of defaults and late payments in two years. that's a strong sign that consumers had a better handle on paying bills but because the card companies aren't making as much from late charges they are increasingly jacking up rates for everyone to get their money up front. and delta sky miles will no longer expire. under the previous sky miles system, flyers lost their miles if they didn't redeem them or earn new miles within 24 months. delta joins other carriers including united continental which has done away with expiration dates for miles. that's your moneywatch. for more, stay with in new york, i'm ashley morrison. get ready, soon facebook users will be able to update their status on the go without a smart phone. "the social network" has been built into a sim card which allows people to post updates with text messages. facebook already has about a half billion subscribers and this could further widen its
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global reach. it's 4:46. it could be the magic remedy for fighting a cold. what is it and when you need to take it. coming up. >> plus, bernie madoff breaks his silence from behind bars. what he says the banks really knew about his ponzi schemes. every time i go to get my phone bill, there's an additional charge from usbi. >> the hidden charge crammed onto phone bills and how you can stop it coming up.
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two agents were shot yes u.s. and mexican officials are investigating a deadly attack on u.s. immigration officials. two agents shot yesterday when they were stopped at what appeared to be a military checkpoint in northern mexico. after the agents stopped someone opened fire on them.
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one u.s. immigration and customs enforcement agent was killed. agents are watching over his home now in texas. the other was wounded. northern australia is being hit with a cyclone two weeks after a much stronger one struck there. cyclone carlos has knocked down trees and power lines causing flooding, as well. emergency services rescued several people from cars that stalled in floodwaters. schools, airports and the government buildings were all closed. bernie madoff has given his first media interview since being arrested two years ago. he is serving a 150-year sentence at a prison in north carolina. yesterday, he acknowledged his guilt to a "new york times" reporter and said there is no excuse for his crimes. he also said he had no idea what effect the crimes would have on his own family. his son mark committed suicide in december. stormwatch!
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that's right, be folks. it's been whipping around the bay area overnight gusts up to 60 miles per hour. that cold front still sliding on through. you can see it right here but starting to get to the back side. but still have some good pockets of moisture out there right now. so you're seeing some moderate amounts of rainfall in toward fremont. look at this cell making its way through right now sliding eastward behind that towards union city. you have a good cell here. and there is still more on the way, folks. we are not done with the rain just yet even though the main cold front is coming on by. got a lot of moisture on the back side of it. with that in mind we are going to keep those showers going throughout the morning today. and some possible gusty winds. you get some of these cells moving by you could easily see some gusts up to 30 miles per hour. we have had some strong gusts overnight to 50 to 60 miles per hour. by the afternoon, i think we are going to sneak in a little sunshine in between the clouds. but there is a chance we could see some isolated thunderstorms, more showers will continue to rotate on in so all of a sudden you're looking at some pretty good weather. next thing now more storms are rolling by and, of course, you have some cool temperatures. this cold front passing on
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through the bay area diving through right now on the back side, you have all that cold air that will continue to make its way onshore. because that air is so cold, best what. we're tacking about the possibility of some snow across some of our peaks. the forecast model showing you the scattered showers developing on and off as we head in toward the afternoon. showers around the bay area, heating on the ground, gets a lift of moisture in the air and some showers pop up. about a half inch in the north bay, quarter inch in the east bay and you will notice snow in the peaks of the bay area. so we could see some snow out there, as well. temperatures down, showers on and off throughout the day in the 50s. next couple of days unsettled and wet. thursday and friday, maybe starting to dry out the latter part of saturday. but more rain on the way next week. all right, elizabeth, she's loving this forecast. >> i know. it always makes for a fun morning commute: gh, yeah.
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we have a mess out there already. an emergency ramp closure in is. if you are coming up northbound 101 the ramp to northbound 280 heading towards like the king street exit if you pass by at&t park, that ramp is closed and they are saying it won't be re- opened until close to 7:45 this morning. we'll be talking about this for a while. they have to do some emergency repair to an overhead road sign taken down during an earlier injury crash. this is just one of many injury crashes across the bay area. overnight we had several spinouts. right now chp is working about 17 or more different incidents across the bay area. here's live look at what it looks like out there. this is the san mateo bridge. traffic is still very light right now. westbound 92, there is a high wind advisory. caltrain issued that for just about every bridge in the bay area including the san mateo bridge. high wind advisory at the bay
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bridge toll plaza. a lot of standing water out there. gosh, i noticed it when i was coming into work this morning. you can see it in the middle lanes approaching the pay gates of the bay bridge. and here's a live look at 880 through oakland past the coliseum. so far, so good through here. still people moving top speeds -- maybe you shouldn't be using top speeds this morning. we have an emergency closure in oakland, the ramp from westbound 80 to southbound 880. we are sending a reporter to the scene. there was an earlier injury crash and the ramp right at the maze is shut down. traffic light out of downtown san jose and mass transit great day to use it. everything is on time for bart, ace, muni and caltrain. remember our radio partners when you hit the roads, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. a good day to turn them on and get the latest hot spots out there. back to you. >> thank you. >> mass transit or just stay
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home if you can. it is a mess. 4:54. many cities, fast-food restaurants are required to post calories on the menus but it doesn't change the way people eat. research shows teens order the same way. parents are guilty as well when choosing meals for the kids. in a survey teenagers and parents reported ordering the same amounts of calories after the new labeling. the study also found that teens often underestimate how many calories they are eating. >> that's very easy to do. got a cold? a new report indicates taking zinc may help. a review of 15 clinical studies say remedies containing zinc can significantly cut down on the severity and duration of colds. the short-term use of lozenges, tablets or syrup containing zinc may do the trick but the key, you have to take them within a day of the onset of cold symptoms. but a warning. if you take too many zinc, the side effects could be worse than the cold. they include nausea, vomiting, loss 6 appetite, and -- loss of
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appetite, abdominal cramps and headaches. you are supposed to get no more than 40 milligrams of zinc a day in your diet. ever get a surprise charge on your phone bill? have you checked? it could be a case of cramming. it's an old practice seeing a resurgence. julie watts reports. >> reporter: every time dan franklin opens an at&t bill he gets a knot in his stomach. >> because i know there's going to be that charge on there. >> reporter: $4.95 from a company called usbi. it first popped up on his phone bill three years ago and now it shows up like clockwork. >> they say it's for a long distance service. >> reporter: a service he says he never ordered. so every month, he calls at&t and usbi and every month, the charges are reversed and he is told they will stop. but they never do. >> every time i go to get my phone bill, there is the additional charge from you.
4:55 am
sbi. >> reporter: well, after years of frustration dan finally called consumerwatch and we found there's been an uptick in cramming complaints over the last year. cramming is when a third party company adds a charge to your bill that you didn't order. at&t simply collects the money for them. well, now after years of complaints, at&t tells us they finally instituted a new policy that end cramming charges once and for all. >> so if a customer calls us now, we can put a third party block on that account and that no third party charges will go into effect. >> reporter: john briton with at&t says in the past, if customers complained, their charges were dropped. but in many cases, like dan's, they would reappear month after month. now with the new policy, all dan has to do is ask for a third party block which will permanently prevent other companies from cramming his at&t bill with rogue charges. >> i'm just looking to the day
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that i can get my at&t bill without bee slammed by usbi. >> that was julie watts reporting. at&t is reimbursing him for all the usbi charges. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. log on to and click on "connect." time now 4:57. we are on stormwatch this morning. from trees down to power out, we have live team coverage on all the trouble spots. >> strong storm medicalled through in the bay area, rain, gusty winds and lightning. we'll talk about that coming up. and the bay area's biggest city in a budget crisis and public safety could take a major hit. the massive layoffs threatened. ,, ,,
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area.. you're looking live.. the wind is to blame for a traffic mess shutting down 280.. cbs 5 on the stormwatch as heavy wind and rain slams the bay area. the wind blamed for a big traffic mess shutting down 280 right now. >> wind and rain whipping around the bay area right now and now we have the possibility
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of some thunderstorms. details coming up. and yeah, we have wind advisories in effect for almost all bay area bridges this morning. lots of reports of standing water. and a big problem this morning coming into san francisco. rough start to our morning commute. we'll have all the details coming up. a threat to public safety, the bay area city that may have to lay off hundreds of cops and firefighters. >> good morning. it is wednesday, february 16. i'm sydnie kohara. >> i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 5:00. and we have a messy messy wednesday. rain and wind hitting the bay area hard this morning. we have team coverage of the storm. lawrence is in the cbs 5 weather center but first we have anne makovec in san francisco where high winds are causing problems on the 280 ramp. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this really could be a traffic hotspot this morning. according to the california highway patrol, this is where it happened here behind me on


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